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Solutions What Are Water-Based Adhesives?

Water-based adhesives are formed using natural polymers like starch, dextrin, casein, natural rubber latex, and animal glue; or engineered polymers like polyvinyl acetates, acrylics, polyurethane dispersion, and polyvinyl alcohol. Water-based glue works when water in the adhesive evaporates or is absorbed by the substrate. APPLIED Adhesives has you covered with water-based polymers that have the right viscosity for application systems that extrude, spray, or roll.

Pacific ICE-TITE is a premium line of labeling adhesives designed for coated glass, plastics, and other coated containers including hard-to-adhere labels.  

Pacific ICE-TITE Labeling Adhesive:

  • Is ice-proof and has excellent wet-tack abilities, which reduces flagging and reworkand ultimately saves time and money
  • Has a longer shelf life than other labeling products
  • Produces higher yield with less downtime 
  • Runs on superior machining like high-speed rotary, direct-transfer, and picker equipment

Pacific ICE-TITE Labeling Adhesive Flyer

The eco-friendly and low-maintenance Pacific BREAKAWAY adhesive system can help you to reduce plastic waste, reduce damage by stabilizing products during shipping, and increase overall safety.

Pacific BREAKAWAY Palletizing Adhesive:

  • Have seen results that include 50% (or more) reduction in stretch wrap usage, and eliminating the need for corner boards and slip sheets
  • Is made from FDA-approved formulas, non-toxic and eco friendly
  • Requires minimal force to remove from the stack 
  • Works on most kraft, OPV, and UV coatings, plus plastic bags
  • Leaves no residue, and when properly applied, does not harm package graphics or surfaces
  • Uses affordable, low-maintenance application equipment
  • Easily integrates on most palletizing lines

Pacific BREAKAWAY Palletizing Adhesive Flyer