Packaging Solutions

Customized, Adhesive Solutions for Optimal End-of-Line Packaging Operations

If you’re tired of unplanned downtime due to end-of-line bottlenecks, why not try a different approach?

APPLIED Adhesives provides tailored end-of-line (EOL) packaging solutions including adhesives, equipment, parts and service designed to streamline your packaging process, reduce downtime and increase throughput. Our advanced, high quality equipment, coupled with our extensive Metallocene, EVA and Hybrid adhesive knowledge, ensures that your packaging line operates at peak performance, enabling you to meet production targets with ease. With 25+ warehouses across North America, we have you covered.

End-of-Line Packaging Solutions

APPLIED Adhesives offers a comprehensive range of advanced adhesives for packing line challenges, lab testing and more, while ensuring you have a customized plan that includes regular preventive maintenance.

Our adhesive applications are designed to accommodate various packaging materials and substrates to meet your specific requirements.

Case Study: APPLIED Adhesives Provides the Complete Package to Large Co-Packer

Learn how we helped an overwhelmed co-packer avoid using multiple vendors and find one cohesive package that solved multiple problems.

Adhesive Application Evaluation and Recommendations

Increase line speed, decrease bonding and tack inefficiencies, and mitigate bottle and container label bonding instability through an adhesive evaluation by our technical service team.

We can also help you manage adhesive overuse and underuse by making recommendations based on current product needs and avoid bottlenecks due to using the wrong glue or having inefficient adhesive equipment.

If you are considering a new product or a change in production, you can also work with APPLIED Adhesives on a pilot automation testing process. With this capability, APPLIED Adhesives simulates production line variables, allowing you to keep your lines running. Once a suitable solution is agreed upon, you can have confidence that a line demonstration will have minimal impact on your production.

Case Study: Solving Pallet Stabilization Challenges with BREAKAWAY Adhesive

Learn how we helped a multinational energy beverage company overcome challenges to their brand reputation resulting from in-transit packaging and product damage.

Adhesives and Equipment

Your production lines cannot be slowed down with packaging glue problems or challenging substrates in your EOL operation. With the industry’s most extensive portfolio of EOL adhesives and expert insight from our experienced technical service teams, we will help you find the right packaging adhesive and dispensing equipment for your case and carton sealing needs.

APPLIED Adhesives premier product lines focus on innovative, high-quality, and unique adhesives that customers can’t get anywhere else. ASURE®: Premier hot-melt and water-based products.

Consistent label application on a variety of substrates is vital to your bottle labeling processes. At APPLIED Adhesives we have decades of industry knowledge to assist you with all your bottle labeling needs. With our industry-leading, proprietary label adhesive, ICE-TITE, you can rest assured that your labels will bond to difficult substrates and resist ice and moisture for up to 14 days!

Efficient palletizing adhesives are vital for safe and secure transportation of your products. Our innovative solutions, such as our proprietary BREAKAWAYⓇ palletization adhesive, enable automated palletizing, optimizing load stability, and minimizing the risk of product damage during handling and shipping while also reducing dunnage for increased efficiency and cost savings.

Maximize your operations with technicians who have the expertise to source the most appropriate equipment for your needs and ensure it is running optimally.