Market SegmentsEngineering Technologies & Silicones

Uses for engineering adhesives and engineering silicones continue to evolve. APPLIED Adhesives’ engineering technology applications can help you make your products stronger, more effective, and more resistant to moisture, chemicals, temperatures, and debris.

Our team of experts can help you learn new ways to apply solutions, speed up processes, and reduce waste. And, of course, when making a product recommendation, we never forget to consider regulatory and production requirements. We’d love to discuss how to meet your current and future needs.

Specialty Adhesive Potting

Conformal coatings are critical to protecting the electronics within your products. APPLIED Adhesives offers a variety of grades that will protect your components from corrosion, water, temperature extremes, vibration, dirt, and debris. Let us help find the right coating for your circuit board. 

Safeguarding your electronics from vibration, water, dust, and debris is essential in today’s high-tech world. APPLIED Adhesives offers epoxies, silicones, and other technologies that lend themselves well to protecting the assembly in your products. Our on-staff experts can help you find the right solution for your challenge.

From mold making to prototyping we’ve partnered with the leading silicone companies to ensure your mold and part have the right feel and performance for what you need. Let us help you find the right product for your requirements.

Replacing mechanical fasteners with adhesives makes your products stronger, more lightweight, and less susceptible to corrosion. APPLIED Adhesives has a variety of structural bonding products that can withstand the stress of mechanical loads without sacrificing stability. Contact our team to learn what we would recommend for your products.