Supply Pumps ADVANCED DISPENSING SYSTEMS Contact Us Today At APPLIED Adhesives, we have a range of equipment solutions for all your adhesive and sealant needs.

APPLIED Adhesives is proud to continue the Adhesive Systems Technology and Dispense Technologies legacies, offering complete system solutions to meter, mix and dispense sealant, adhesive, and hot melt materials.

AST - Adhesive Systems Technology

APPLIED Adhesives Equipment Solutions designs and manufactures meter, mix, and dispensing systems for adhesives and sealants. Engineered and developed for the industrial and construction markets, we’re proud to carry on Adhesive Systems Technology’s (AST) commitment to solving the dispensing and automation needs of our customers.

Quality and performance standards are at the heart of everything we do and develop, and we’re proud to supply our customers with reliable, cost-effective, highly efficient, mixing and dosing systems.

Dispense Technologies

APPLIED Adhesives Equipment Solutions is proud to carry on Dispense Technologies’ legacy as a fluid systems integrator for automated and manual fluid handling applications. We offer products and complete system solutions to meter, mix and dispense sealant, adhesive and hot melt materials.

We are committed to providing application expertise and innovative engineering to develop and deliver value added sealant and adhesive products and complete system solutions.

Mixing and Dosing Systems Product Information

We offer a series of solutions for all your adhesive dispensing needs. From new to refurbished systems, to OEM and aftermarket parts, our factory-trained service technicians have you covered.

Contact Us

Choosing the right parts for your hot melt equipment can make all the difference for overall performance, downtime, and savings. Our experts will verify all the specs for your system from the length of hoses, modules, nozzles and correctly cut off for adhesive output for your specific needs. Contact us today!

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