Supply Assurance: Supply Chain Security

While glue may be a minor component to your end product, if your adhesives aren’t working properly, or aren’t available, an entire plant can shut down. We believe this holds true for your dispensing equipment too. That’s why your dedicated APPLIED Adhesives team will build a customized approach for your business to ensure adhesives and spare parts are available when you need it

At APPLIED Adhesives, we have years of experience partnering with diverse customers across North America. Our Operations teams will continually collaborate with you to monitor usage, supply chain needs, and stocking locations. Additionally, with our proprietary software that uses sophisticated algorithms to predict your need; we often know when you’ll need product before you do—preventing shortages and rush shipments.

APPLIED Adhesives‘ customers have confidence in our supply chain because we:  

  • We take the time to get to know your business 
  • Diversify the supply chain with major channel partners 
  • Have a geographically diversified warehouse and logistics network across North America that allows us to deliver your product where and when you need it 
  • Create customized stocking plans 
  • Send reminders at predicted order intervals

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