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SolutionsWhat Are Sustainable Adhesives?

With a goal of enabling the earth and humans to coexist into the future, sustainable adhesives meet increasing governmental regulations and consumer environmental concern. APPLIED Adhesives is committed to participating in the circular economy—where we strive to eliminate waste and continuous use of resources.

Contact APPLIED to access adhesives that are:

  • BiodegradableBiodegradable adhesives are made with materials that are natural and renewableresources that are not depleted when used. As natural organisms break down biodegradable adhesive, the process produces carbon dioxide, water, and other natural elements that are helpful for the earth. These sustainable adhesives are often used for packaging, envelopes, hygiene products, and medical devices.
  • CompostableGoing beyond the requirements for biodegradable, compostable adhesive must break down in a way that leaves soil suitable for growing food.
  • RepulpableWhen paper is recycled, it goes through a repulping process that turns waste paper back into pulp that can then be used to make new paper products. Repulpable adhesive is fully soluble in water and dissolves during paper repulping. This sustainable adhesive is often used for cardboard boxes, envelopes, and other paper products.
  • RecyclableWhen an end-use product is no longer usable, recyclable adhesive can be melted down for new material, without creating waste or residue. The key for sustainable adhesive to be considered recyclable is that there must be a market for the new material that is created. Recyclable adhesives are typically used for glass, aluminum, and steel bondingparticularly in the automotive industry.

The eco-friendly and low-maintenance BREAKAWAY adhesive system can help you to reduce plastic waste, reduce damage by stabilizing products during shipping, and increase overall safety.

Pacific BREAKAWAY Palletizing Adhesive:

  • Have seen results that include 50% (or more) reduction in stretch wrap usage, and eliminating the need for corner boards and slip sheets
  • Is made from FDA-approved formulas, non-toxic and eco friendly
  • Requires minimal force to remove from the stack
  • Works on most kraft, OPV, and UV coatings, plus plastic bags
  • Leaves no residue, and when properly applied, does not harm package graphics or surfaces
  • Uses affordable, low-maintenance application equipment
  • Easily integrates on most palletizing lines

As a certified, compostable hot-melt adhesive, Thermogrip® provides aggressive grab and excellent penetration on clamshells, hot cups, handled bags, meat cartons, and baguette bats.

Bostik Thermogrip® 43298 (Compostable hot-melt):

  • Passes industrial compostable standards as detailed in ASTM 6400-12 and is certified as meeting this criteria by Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)
  • Does not compromise on adhesion
  • Is 100% solids, with no solvents or carriers to eliminate
  • Works within temperatures ranging from 0° F (-18° C) to 180° F (82° C)
  • Offers fully compliant packaging, while achieving end-of-life commitments
  • Can be applied using melt-on-demand systems

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