Get a Grip: Adhesive Solutions for All Automotive Challenges

The right adhesive goes a long way.

With over 50 years of experience in the automotive industry – Adhezion, a brand of APPLIED Adhesives, is a trusted partner providing customized automotive adhesive solutions that include equipment, technology and expertise.

Decrease your installation time of primary vehicle systems with little to no surface preparations and reduce labor costs with APPLIED Adhesives’ technology-driven automotive adhesives. Our adhesives offer superior bonding properties in all major systems.  From interior and acoustic to structural and powertrain, APPLIED Adhesives’ technological solutions offer the hold you need to bond the most unique and challenging substrates.

Superior Bonding and Improved Safety for Body In White  Success

You can rest assured that our automotive adhesives won’t sag or slump before going into ovens. Why? Our adhesives are paintable and bond well to a multitude of surfaces, while also providing long term resistance to various environmental conditions. APPLIED Adhesives’ body in white bonding solutions improve vehicle safety and passenger comfort while enhancing the complex manufacturing process of multi-substrate frames.

Applied body in white bonding solutions

Reduce Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH)  for Luxury & Comfort

Automotive manufacturers understand how using superior Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) damping materials can eliminate noise when applied inside the car body, such as the firewall, floor panels, trunk compartment panels, wheel arches, roof, doors, and hatches.

Requirements for comfort in the automobile’s interior are constantly increasing. These methods are ideally suited to suppress sound and work in conjunction with substrates for NVH applications.

  • Foil-backed and/or film-backed butyl patches/pads
  • Liquid sound dampener applied manually and robotically
  • Spraying metal reinforcement materials onto inner vehicle panels
  • Anti-flutter materials are applied in “drops” or extruded with various application tips or automated ejectors.
  • Utilize a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) to foam and shoddy pads that are placed strategically on the vehicle.

Power Up Your Powertrain  With the Right Automotive Adhesive Solutions

Because the powertrain of an automobile covers all the components that generate power and transfer it to the road, finding the right solutions for every element is a non-negotiable. APPLIED Adhesives has the technology and expertise to help you find customized adhesives for each component of the powertrain, including those of hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) where the propulsion system consists of the battery, electric drive system, and control electronics.

Car powertrain components

Meet the Demands of Your Electric Vehicle  (EV) Portfolio

As OEMs and Tiered suppliers drive the automotive industry’s future towards electric, APPLIED Adhesives is broadening our technology portfolio for both electrification and autonomous driving, making us the go-to provider of adhesive solutions.

We have developed advanced thermal materials, adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings that offer effective bonding solutions OEMs and Tiered suppliers can implement in their manufacturing process to save time and money. As technology continues to progress, and new electric vehicle adhesive challenges arise, APPLIED Adhesives is prepared to innovate and adapt.

Electric vehicle EV charging

Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries You Can Count On

The battery is the heart of any electric vehicle. As consumer demand for high-performing vehicles increases, increasing the performance of your EV battery is necessary to stay competitive. Our adhesives solutions meet the rigorous requirements of the EV industry, whether you’re looking to enhance structural integrity in battery pack and cell assembly, improve thermal management, or integrate your battery with the vehicle at large through chassis bonding, we have the adhesive you need for these specialized applications.

Our customized equipment solutions, which include true metering technology and real-time data tracking, will ensure efficient and cost effective adhesives application.

EV Battery

Meet the Customer and Environmental Demands of Glass Bonding

Newer requirements from OEMs and Tier 1s demand faster cure time, less fixturing time, and much more stringent environmental condition requirements. Our latest technologies focus on providing you with innovative solutions for multiple applications for glass, such as glass fixturing components, mirror bracket bonding, and interior and exterior applications.

We are the only provider that can give you cutting-edge adhesive solutions and technical expertise on delivery and automation dispense equipment. Our adhesive products are all manufactured in the U.S., eliminating any concerns for importing products from overseas. Work with APPLIED Adhesives for a turnkey solution that combines adhesives, equipment, and services.

ice covered car mirror

Exterior Lighting Adhesive Solutions for High Performance 

Our automotive adhesive solutions for exterior lighting, including headlamps, tail lamps, and signal lamps, allow OEMs and Tier 1s to run efficient manufacturing processes that produce high performing products.

We carry structural and non-structural lamp bonding adhesives and sealers, constructed of one-component and two-component reactive urethane systems and non-reactive sealing materials. These adhesives feature high-temperature resistance, low VOC materials, fast time to leak test and fast cure.

All-Weather Water Shield  Adhesives

The flexible and durable water shield adhesive performs in all climates and temperatures, is malleable, and offers strong adherence to ensure no water, dirt, or debris will accumulate in the vehicle.

The water shield plays a critical role in preserving the vehicle’s interior by preventing water and dirt from getting through the access panels. Our specifically designed adhesives are dispensed around the perimeter of the water shield to keep the polyethylene flexible plastic sheets in the water shields in place, sealing out the elements.

From the cockpit to exterior badging, APPLIED Adhesives’ technology delivers efficient, reliable and durable foamed-in-place gasketing. Gain gasketing application flexibility with our broad range of high-performance, one-part reactive and thermoplastic hot melts, along with our two-part adhesives systems.

Need an alternative to tape seals, molded seals and O-rings? We’ve got you covered. Take advantage of our automated systems for improved, repeatable material applications that offer:

  • Shorter processing times
  • A more simplified process
  • Lower total cost of use
  • Waste reduction

No matter how complex your specs or challenges, APPLIED Adhesives’ solutions deliver!

Improve Safety and Comfort with Automotive Adhesives  for Electronics

We provide high-performance products for a variety of bonding solutions in your vehicle, such as video screens, power steering/braking, lighting controls, engine-control computers, keyless entry, camera systems, lane assist sensors, and the Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS).

APPLIED Adhesives uses advanced technologies for bonding automotive electronic components:

  • Two-Part Structural Adhesives
  • Reactive and Nonreactive Adhesives
  • Heat Activated Adhesives
  • Light Cure Adhesives
  • FIPG Adhesives
  • Silicone and Anaerobic Adhesives

Our customers want to be sure that their product meets the safety and comfort needs of drivers and appeals to consumer demand. APPLIED Adhesives can help you meet or exceed the safety and environmental requirements with products that allow functionality and repeatability using our multiple bonding strategies.

With our extensive portfolio of adhesives and sealants, consumers can enjoy an environmentally friendly, high-performing, light-weight, compatible, safe, and connective product.

Create Reliable and Aesthetic Interior Trim

APPLIED Adhesives caters to all your automotive interior needs with technology and adhesives that look pleasing and are durable, helping you establish a reliable and streamlined process.

Our team of experts will work with you to find the best adhesive solution for laminating and bonding all interior components, including door panels, displays, dashboards, headliners, instrument panels, and seat trim. Our products include water-based, thermoplastic, and high-performance hot melt, and cyanoacrylate adhesives to resolve your synthetic, composite, or leather bonding challenges.

Interior car steering wheel

Get the Full Package: APPLIED Adhesives' Automotive Adhesive Application Evaluation and Recommendations

Increase automobile manufacturing speed and efficiency and improve the quality and safety of your products through an adhesive evaluation by our technical service team.

We can also help you manage adhesive overuse and underuse by making recommendations based on current product needs and avoid bottlenecks due to using the wrong glue or having inefficient adhesive equipment.

If you are considering a line of automobiles or a change in production processes, you can also work with APPLIED Adhesives on a pilot automation testing process. With this capability, APPLIED Adhesives simulates production line variables, allowing you to keep your lines running. Once a suitable solution is agreed upon, you can have confidence that a line demonstration will have minimal impact on your production.

Manufacturing facility workers

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