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SolutionsWhat Are Hot-Melt Adhesives?

Hot-melt adhesives are polymer-based, thermoplastic adhesives that are solid at room temperature. To apply, hot-melt must be heated to a molten state that allows it to be extruded or spread. When hot-melt glue cools, it forms a coating that bonds to the substrates. Hot-melt adhesive has a variety of uses, including:

  • Retail and end-of-line packaging
  • Bottle and can labeling
  • Product assembly
  • Book binding
  • Graphic arts
  • Paper converting
  • Non-wovens and hygiene
  • Textiles 

APPLIED Adhesives’ hot-melt adhesivesincluding pressure-sensitive adhesivesprocess quickly, offer versatile formulations for flexible to rigid bonds, are safe and environmentally friendly, and allow for efficient shipping and storage.