Market SegmentsBuilding Components & Woodworking

From flooring to roofing and everything in between—woodworking and construction projects require adhesives. If you produce products for, in, or around a home, APPLIED Adhesives‘ knowledgeable field service team can help. 

Whether you are framing, pressing, veneering, edging, doweling, or gluing edge panels; we have the woodworking or construction adhesive for every step of the process. We can even provide ideas for reducing waste and improving efficiencies in your assembly process. Contact us for more information on construction and woodworking adhesives. 


Products that may interest you include: 

  • Flush door 
  • Architectural Door
  • Exterior Door (Edge/Lamination)
  • 2-Part Crosslinking (Type 1)
  • 2-Part Crosslinking (Type 1 – High Visc.)
  • Profile Wrap Hot Melt (EVA)
  • Edge/Face Glue (Hot/Cold/RF)
  • Edge/Face Glue (Clamp Carrier)
  • One Part Crosslinking (Type 2)
  • Edgebanding (Hot Melt)
  • Metal to Wood Bonding
  • Interior Finger Jointing
  • Exterior Finger Jointing
  • Hot Press HPL/Veneer
  • Continuous Flow Hot Press
  • Continuous Flow Nip Roll
  • Doweling, Veneering
  • Rolled Good Insulation
  • Water-Based Contact Cement
  • Liquid PUR
  • General Assembly
  • Cold Press Laminating HPL
  • Vinyl to Particle Board
  • HPL

APPLIED Adhesives has adhesives for furniture projects of all kinds—from traditional wooden dressers to sleek metal chairs. Our adhesives are designed to make manufacturing processes more efficient and bond to a variety of materials such as wood, metal, fabric, or foam. Leave it up to our team of experts to match the right adhesive for your unique situation.

Engineered flooring has made significant headway in the consumer and commercial markets. But, engineered flooring only works if the adhesive does. Let us help you  find the right solution for your engineered flooring project.

Exposed to the elements, garage doors require extremely durable, stable adhesives commonly found in polyamide, polyurethane, or polyolefin technologies. From decorative installations to bonding insulation into door interiors, APPLIED Adhesives has proven, durable adhesives that rise to the challenge. Our adhesive specialists are available to help you decide which adhesive will work best for your needs.

Panels—such as interior wall systems, exterior walls, insulated panels, dance floors, and stage decking—require a resilient adhesive. The APPLIED Adhesives team is knowledgeable about all kinds of panel projects. Depending on your requirements, we’ll find the right adhesive to fit the job.

Cabinets, drawers, countertops, and other types of millwork each have their own set of manufacturing processes and challenges. We know that drying speed, heat resistance, color, and (of course) lasting bonds are critical to consider in millwork projects. Our experienced field services team will collaborate with you to find the construction or woodworking adhesive you need.

Rolled insulation for use in buildings and roofing applications often requires extreme heat and cold resistance—including UL rating requirements. We’ve got the products you need and the expertise to make sure your product meets all the standards and holds up in the harshest environments.

3D forming, membrane pressing, and vacuum pressing provide the ability to create smooth, seamless surfaces on products of all shapes and sizes. APPLIED Adhesives has the right adhesives to keep laminate bonded to every type of substrate.