Customized Solutions for Marine Applications

Comprehensive Adhesive Solutions for Challenging Marine Adhesive Applications

Success is on the horizon when you partner with a full-service adhesives solutions provider that delivers the products you need when you need them. From commercial fishing vessels to luxury yachts, every marine endeavor demands precision and speed. That’s why APPLIED Adhesives offers a comprehensive range of customizable adhesives and sealants, including specialty adhesives, like MMA and epoxy, meticulously engineered to address the specific challenges of marine applications.

If you’re looking for customized adhesives solutions for your unique needs, APPLIED Adhesives has you covered. We have the expertise to help you select the right adhesives and provide hands-on customer support, including product application and training. Our extensive network of warehouses ensures you get quality adhesives on time, enabling you to build a superior boat while meeting production deadlines.

Let us help you tackle your biggest challenges.

MMA and Other Structural Adhesives

Get the right adhesive for your unique application when you access our extensive selection of methyl methacrylates (MMA) for a variety of bonding applications, along with our custom formulas, crafted to meet even the most challenging marine bonding needs. From live wells to console bonding and more, structural adhesives offer:

  • Adhesion to composites and metals, along with faster production throughput with snap cure
  • High fatigue resistance to overcome the heavy vibration at high speeds for the lifetime of the boat
  • Strong gap fill properties
  • Low- and no-odor options

Safeguard With Quality Sealants

Protect key components of marine vessels from moisture, chemicals and other contaminants with APPLIED Adhesives’ hybrid SMP and urethane sealants. They are easy to apply and can be used above or below the water line due to their moisture and UV resistance allowing protection for windows and more.



Component Bonding for Modular Assemblies

APPLIED Adhesives’ component bonding adhesives include double-sided tapes to achieve an instant bond, along with fast cure cyanoacrylates (CA) and other adhesives in convenient package sizes. Fast and easy to use, these versatile adhesives are perfect for a myriad of marine applications such as plastic bonding, clips for securing wires and cables, decals, and plaques, non-slip mats, and various accessories.

Soft Goods Bonding for a Premium Feel

Our sprayable, brushable and rollable soft goods bonding adhesives have excellent heat resistance. Whether you’re working with upholstery, headliners, wood laminate, flooring or other applications, our array of solvent and water-based adhesives will ensure your vessel offers a premium look and feel.

Our extensive range includes the long-trusted Bird Song brand!


Equipment You Can Count On

APPLIED Adhesives is so much more than adhesives. We offer a complete range of adhesive dispensing equipment, such as:

  • dispense guns
  • spray systems
  • bulk adhesive solutions

Trust APPLIED Adhesives for superior adhesives and the tools necessary to optimize your application processes.

Industry Expertise

At APPLIED Adhesives, we understand the marine industry’s demands when it comes to adhesive application. The experts at APPLIED Adhesives keep up with marine trends and have custom adhesive solutions to address your evolving industry, such as:

  • Strong transom reinforcement for large motor capacity
  • Light weighting with thinner materials allowing for the use of adhesive to enhance structural integrity
  • Recyclability to meet customers’ demands for sustainability
  • Hand lay/chop fiberglass to infusion adhesives for assembly of your composite structures, ensuring reliable performance meeting your design criteria.

Safety and Adhesive Application Training

APPLIED Adhesives offers so much more than glue; we’ll empower you with the knowledge and expertise you need to steer your team to success. Our marine adhesive specialists offer comprehensive training and guidance, ensuring that your staff is equipped to apply adhesives safely and efficiently, minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency of your bonding processes.

With APPLIED Adhesives by your side, you can elevate your craftsmanship and meet the demands of the marine industry with confidence.

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