Why APPLIED Adhesives?

APPLIED Adhesives provides everything you need in an adhesives partner—a combination of world-class products, a full line of dispensing equipment offerings, dedicated (and customized) customer experience team, data-driven process insights optimized for your application and budget, and more. Below you’ll find details on a few of the many reasons customers trust and partner with APPLIED Adhesives.


Efficiency Checks

The APPLIED Adhesives team is committed to helping our customers consistently improve efficiency. APPLIED AdhesivesTotal Cost-In-Use Approach offers a measurement process that quantifies adhesive costs per package and assesses potential solutions to reduce a plant’s total adhesive spend, while enhancing overall quality and line efficiency.

Let us benchmark your operation against industry best practice. We’ll provide sustainable solutions to manage and reduce cost. This value-added service saves APPLIED Adhesives‘ customers thousands of dollars by looking at overall adhesive production costs over time.


Supply Assurance

Through the years, our proactive supply assurance practices have kept customers from running out of glue, having the right parts on hand, and saved tens of thousands of dollars in reduced inventories, improved working capital, expedited freight costs, and production down time. Learn more about APPLIED Adhesives‘ commitment to supply assurance.


Global Adhesives and Equipment Partners

The world’s leading and most trusted adhesives and equipment manufacturers choose APPLIED Adhesives.

Learn more about our strategic partners.


Premier In-house Adhesives and Equipment Brands

To provide more options for our customers’ unique application requirements, APPLIED Adhesives offers several of our own adhesives and dispensing equipment lines, such as:

Learn more about our in-house product lines.


Dedicated Customer Experience Team

From sales to logistics, and everything in between, APPLIED Adhesives‘ specialized customer experience teams help our customers throughout every step of the ordering process. Our teams not only understand each product line intimately, they dig deep into your processes and requirements to understand end-use parameters and challenges.

Each customer is assigned  both a Territory Manager and a Customer Experience Representative who work together to produce insights, proactive inventory planning, and personalized support whenever you need it.

Learn more about our team. 


ISO 9001:2015 Certification

The APPLIED Adhesives team takes quality, consistency, and safety seriously. It’s our goal to always deliver quality products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. As a result, we are committed to the continuous improvement of our quality management system—going above and beyond the ISO certification requirements.

See our Pewaukee Facility ISO Certificate.

tech capabilities

Technical Capabilities

With our lab and testing capabilities we get data-driven results to help provide a best-in-class adhesives solution optimized to meet your specific needs.

Learn more about our scope & lab capabilities.



Sustainability is a global concern, and a key organizational goal for APPLIED Adhesives. Our sustainability initiatives include:

  • Offering a variety of sustainable products, including several LEED-certified products
  • Providing our in-house BREAKAWAY line of palletizing adhesives that reduce or replace stretch wrap
  • Identifying areas for waste reduction through our process reviews

Learn more about our environmentally friendly products, including BREAKAWAY, biodegradable, repulpable, and recyclable adhesives.


Case Studies

Get an idea of how we work by learning about how we’ve worked with other companies in a wide variety of industries.

Review our case studies.



Our goal is to earn the right to be your PROVEN PARTNER, but don’t take our word for it.

Read what our customers have to say.


Toll Manufacturing

Toll manufacturing can get your product to market quickly and cost-effectively—whether you need help with all products, manufacturing in certain geographic areas, or just when there’s a spike in product demand.

APPLIED Adhesives has a state-of-the-art facility, staffed with adhesives experts with deep experience in product development, quality control, and familiarity with hundreds of materials. And, of course, any proprietary formulas are kept confidential, and your products can be private labeled and blind-shipped directly to your customers.