SolutionsWhat Are Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives?

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives (PSA) are tacky at room temperaturethere is no need to activate with water, solvent, or heat. PSAs can firmly adhere with light pressure from a finger, and can be removable, semi-permanent, or permanent. Substrates like paper, plastic, glass, wood, cement, and metal are all appropriate for pressure-sensitive tape or pressure-sensitive glue. 

Pressure Sensitive Labels

How Does Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Work?

APPLIED Adhesives’ hot-melt PSA is 100% solid, does not require flash curing, and is a low-cost option for:

  • Rigid packaging, adhering to the most difficult stock​
  • Non-woven or disposable hygiene products​
  • Labeling on bottles and cans ​
  • Graphic arts and bookbinding for joint and side glue​
  • Tape and film manufacturing​
  • Fugitive adhesives, providing a temporary bond that allow materials to be easy separated
  • Laminating and roll coating