Equipment Solutions

At APPLIED Adhesives, we deliver comprehensive, custom equipment, parts, and service solutions tailored to your specific needs.

With over 50 years of successful dispensing experience, access to global manufacturers, and a team of factory trained service technicians who can service all your adhesive equipment, APPLIED Adhesives has you covered.


Our wide range of equipment solutions can meet your most challenging adhesive and sealant needs. We offer products and complete system solutions to meter, mix, and dispense sealant, adhesive, and hot melt materials. Our mixing and dosing systems are reliable, efficient, and budget-friendly.


Advanced Dispensing  

Our team of engineers will work with you to develop customized dispensing, metering, and mixing equipment solutions. Our extensive industry knowledge and cost-in-use approach will provide you with the best solution for your specific need.

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Our inventory of parts and equipment ensures supply chain challenges don’t get in the way of production.  APPLIED Adhesives Equipment Solutions manufactures made in America KEYSTONE OEM replacement parts, the best on the market. Additionally, we stock a wide selection of high quality, factory tested, compatible parts for all the top OEMs, keeping your production moving.

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Using hot melt equipment

Service and Maintenance

From routine to emergency service and maintenance, we have you covered. Our factory trained, equipment service technicians and support team are strategically located in North America, including Mexico and Canada, where we proudly provide preventative and critical services, including contract and preventative maintenance agreements.

Vantage Service Plans

APPLIED Adhesives Equipment Solutions delivers comprehensive adhesive equipment, parts, and service programs tailored to your specific needs. Benefits of our Vantage Service Plans include:

Prevent Costly Downtime

A Vantage service plan provides a regular maintenance schedule, ensuring your equipment receives the right adjustments and fine-tuning necessary to keep it running efficiently.

Stop Scrambling for Parts

With discounts on APPLIED Adhesives’ inventory of OEM and in-house manufactured KEYSTONE brand parts, you have access to high quality, factory tested, compatible parts for all the top OEMs. Allowing us to keep your production moving.

One Purchase Order

Gives you coverage for a full year from our first visit, a Vantage service plan allows you to focus on your customers and production output instead of worrying about your budget.

Access to Expertise

APPLIED Adhesives certified service technicians can instruct your employees on the safe operation and care of your equipment, helping to reduce downtime.

Improve overall equipment effectiveness with an Applied Adhesive Vantage Service Plan.

Talk with one of our equipment service exports today to choose a plan that’s right for you.

500-hour reduction in downtime per year & 26% reduction in adhesive usage! Learn how we saved our customer time.

Watch Our Equipment and Service in Action

From swapping replacement parts to performing preventive maintenance health checks to teaching your team how to operate their equipment, our responsive, reliable mechanics will ensure your plant runs smoothly.

Hot Melt System Refurbishment Time Lapse
GMP-025 Adhesive Dispenser

Our Strategic Partners

With a network of OEMs across the globe, APPLIED Adhesives is able to offer the best equipment and parts at the most competitive price for your company’s specific hot melt and cold glue needs. Our service team has the expertise and availability to work on all your equipment, from tank to tip.

An international company that provides the most energy-efficient hot melt applications on the market and gluing solutions to improve productivity, Meler can help you save money and improve efficiency. The Micron Plus melter uses 60% less energy than its competitors and 50% less air consumption.

APPLIED Adhesives offers parts alternatives for all manufacturers that can be installed without disrupting your lines or incurring downtime.

Eliminate adhesive char, reduce waste and improve productivity with Graco’s melt-on-demand, tank-free InvisiPac hot melt delivery system that delivers only what you need, exactly when you need it!

hhs Baumer PX1000 Dispensing Head

Get reliable adhesive solutions and good quality control with hhs. Baumer Group, a worldwide producer of innovative glue dispensers.

Maximize your operations with technicians who have the expertise to source the most appropriate equipment for your needs and ensure it is running optimally.