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APPLIED is proud to distribute the Graco® InvisiPac®, a tank-free hot melt delivery system. Call us today at (833) 293-7278 to get your Graco InvisPac today!

Our relationships with our strategic partners allow us to offer  the best and most efficient technology on the market for all of your packaging hot melt dispensing needs.

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Profitable & Sustainable

Your goals are our goals. The Graco InvisiPac helps improve not only your profitability but your sustainability as well. The InvisiPac gets your line ready for production quickly with a 10 minute start up time, reducing your start-up energy on average by 48%. Benefit from all of this while reducing your adhesive usage by a MINIMUM of 30%. The InvisiPac also helps to eliminate adhesive charring, nozzle plugging, and hose issues leading to a reduction in your downtime.

Check out how you can benefit with this ROI calculator.

Reliable & Convenient

APPLIED Adhesives understands you need equipment that you can count on. The Graco InvisiPac Hot Melt System  helps to eliminate adhesive charring by maintaining a consistent temperature and viscosity. Elimination of nozzle plugging is established by the InvisiPac applicator’s integrated module filtering element. All of this leading to a reduction in downtime. You can also, conveniently track adhesive usage, equipment performance, and line data 24/7.

Check out how to choose the right nozzle here.

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The safety or your team is of utmost importance to APPLIED. The Graco InvisiPac system eliminates common safety hazards associated with other hot melt machines. Due to the tankless technology of the InvisiPac system, operators do not have direct contact with the molten adhesive. The integrated adhesive auto feeding system, is signaled when the adhesive reaches a certain level, leading the adhesive to be pulled directly into the melting chamber without intercession from the operator.

Read more on common safety hazards in the packaging industry here.


Graco’s InvisiPac® tank-free hot melting system outperforms all existing tank and tankless systems on the market. With a true melt-on-demand design, the InvisiPac® system delivers guaranteed savings and optimizes production. It makes your case and carton sealing operations more reliable, faster, safer, and more cost-effective.

System, Accessories, and Service

APPLIED is proud to not only offer the InvisiPac® system, but all of the accessories, and a factory trained service team to support you and your machines. Choosing the right parts for your hot melt equipment can make all the difference for overall performance, downtime, and savings. Our experts will verify all the specs for your system from the length of hoses, modules, nozzles and correctly cut off for adhesive output for your specific needs. Contact us today!

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