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The first-ever, BPI-certified compostable hot-melt adhesive offers high performance to a variety of highly-recycled paper and fiberboard packaging as well as dense board stock. It passes industrial compostable standards as detailed in ASTM 6400 12, possesses a broad usable temperature range of 0 to 180°F (-18 to 82°C) and provides aggressive grab and excellent penetration to improve packaging production line efficiency and end-use package performance. Thermogrip 43298 demonstrates excellent heat and stress resistance using industry standard test methods (IOPP T-3006, 200 grams stress). This adhesive can be applied using melt on demand systems or conventional hot-melt adhesive application equipment.


18,700 cps.
350° F
230° F
Kraft, Claycoat, SBS, SUS


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Case & Carton
EOL Packaging