Best Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Equipment for Smooth Production

While unplanned downtime has always been a huge thorn in any manufacturer’s side, it doesn’t have to spell doom for your business. With the right hot melt glue dispensing equipment, the right service technicians and the right strategies, you can enjoy smoother production and increased profits. 

Prevent Downtime With the Best Hot Melt Dispensing Equipment & Parts

Ready to say goodbye to expenses incurred from constantly fixing and replacing old or inefficient systems? Choose high-quality hot melt glue equipment and spend that capital cost on production efficiencies instead. Below are some of the best in class:

  1. Graco®: Eliminate adhesive char, reduce waste and improve productivity with Graco’s melt-on-demand, tank-free InvisiPac® hot melt delivery system that delivers only what you need, exactly when you need it.
  2. Meler: ​​An international company that provides the most energy-efficient hot melt applications on the market and gluing solutions to improve productivity, Meler can help you save money and improve efficiency. The Micron Plus melter uses 60% less energy than its competitors and 50% less air consumption. APPLIED offers parts alternatives for all manufacturers that can be installed without disrupting your lines or incurring downtime.
  3. KEYSTONE: Avoid scrambling for parts with our in-house manufacturing solutions. KEYSTONE offers made in America, high-quality, factory tested, compatible parts for Nordson® and Valco Melton to keep your production moving.

Investing in new equipment can feel like a big step and you’ll want to make sure that you see greater efficiencies in return. Read on to learn about making the most out of your new hot melt equipment.

Improve Your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Optimizing performance and efficiency of equipment is crucial for meeting production targets and ensuring profitability. One key metric that gauges the effectiveness of the equipment is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). For hot melt glue equipment, improving OEE can result in enhanced productivity, reduced downtime, and increased efficiency. APPLIED Adhesives is proud to have helped numerous companies achieve an OEE of above 90%, increasing customers’ overall throughput of their entire plant’s operations. 

Here are a few practical strategies to increase the OEE percentage for hot melt equipment to achieve optimal operational efficiency.

    1. Enhance operator training: Well-trained operators with a deep understanding of hot melt equipment operation are better equipped to optimize performance and quickly troubleshoot minor issues. Invest in comprehensive training programs that cover machine operation, troubleshooting techniques, maintenance procedures, and safety protocols.
    2. Optimize material selection: Hot melt equipment relies on the right adhesive materials for effective operation. Choosing high-quality adhesives that are compatible with your specific application significantly impacts equipment performance. Work closely with adhesive suppliers to select the most suitable materials that offer superior bonding strength, fast curing times, and minimal residue buildup. Conduct regular material testing to ensure consistency and avoid unexpected issues that can hamper equipment effectiveness.
    3. Enhance system monitoring and data analysis: Implement a robust monitoring system to gather real-time data on equipment performance, operating parameters, and downtime events. Utilize sensors, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and other advanced technologies to capture data accurately. Analyze this data regularly to identify patterns, trends, and potential areas for improvement. By tracking metrics such as adhesive consumption, uptime, and cycle times, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize equipment effectiveness.
    4. Minimize changeover time: Reducing the time required for equipment changeovers can significantly boost productivity and OEE. Develop efficient changeover procedures, including standardized documentation, tool kits, and training programs. Streamline processes, eliminate unnecessary steps, and invest in quick-release connectors and modular components that expedite changeovers. Minimizing changeover time allows for increased production runs and maximizes equipment uptime.
    5. Implement preventative maintenance: Continue reading below for strategies in implementing a maintenance program.


Finding out where your operational bottlenecks are is crucial to getting the most out of your hot melt equipment. Interested in learning more about how to improve your plant’s OEE? Contact an APPLIED team member!

Implement Preventative Hot Melt Equipment Maintenance Strategies 

When you have the best, most reliable equipment for your application, routine maintenance is much easier. Some strategies include:

  • Create a preventative maintenance program that includes scheduled, routine checks on all equipment at least twice a year.
  • Repair or replace parts in a timely manner before they shut production down or cause safety hazards.
  • Ensure your maintenance crew has the time, experience, and skills for your preventative maintenance program.

By developing this solid preventative maintenance program with a consistent schedule, you can significantly reduce associated costs. Routine maintenance should include upgrading to better parts or equipment when necessary, regular cleaning, and inspections to identify and address potential problems before they escalate.

Build Stronger Bonds With a Strategic Partnership

In addition to utilizing reliable equipment and implementing effective maintenance strategies, forming a strategic partnership can significantly benefit your manufacturing operations. APPLIED Adhesives offers a strategic partnership unrivaled in our industry with our Vantage Service Plans. This program has several advantages, including:

  • Prevent Costly Downtime – A regular maintenance schedule ensures your equipment receives the right adjustments and fine-tuning necessary to keep it running efficiently.
  • Stop Scrambling for Parts – With discounts on APPLIED’s inventory of OEM and in-house manufactured KEYSTONE brand parts, you have access to high quality, factory tested, compatible parts for all the top OEMs.
  • One Purchase Order – With coverage for a full year from our first visit, you can focus on your customers and production output instead of worrying about your budget.
  • Access to Expertise – APPLIED factory trained service technicians can instruct your employees on the safe operation and care of your equipment helping to reduce downtime.

APPLIED Adhesives Vantage Service Plans are exclusive to the industry and maximizes manpower by including routine maintenance checks, emergency assistance, parts, and equipment consultation.

Want to learn more about how a Vantage Service Plan can help your protect your equipment? Chat with an APPLIED expert.