How to Reduce Hot Melt Equipment Downtime

Routine maintenance of hot melt equipment is crucial for various industries that rely on adhesive application processes. However, rising challenges such as supply chain disruptions, logistics issues, and staff shortages have further complicated these routine maintenance efforts. Fortunately, there are strategies to help you decrease the downtime of your hot melt equipment while ensuring optimal performance.

Select the right hot melt equipment for your specific production needs

Investing in inferior hot melt equipment or machinery that does not align with specific application requirements is a regular challenge we see when we walk into a plant for the first time. 

Want to know one of the best-kept secrets to outperform your competitors? Select high-quality equipment that is best suited for your application for increased efficiency, reliability, and durability.

As a full-service adhesives solutions provider, we have access to high-quality brands and products, like Graco® InvisiPac®, which is a melt on demand system leading it to greatly reduce char formation. Our service team will do everything from install, test runs, and perform service to keep your lines running optimally.

Develop a hot melt equipment preventative maintenance program

If you haven’t invested in a routine maintenance program for your hot melt equipment, you could lose more money. Some challenges associated with unexpected hot melt equipment downtime include:

  • Thousands of dollars in lost profits
  • Expensive repairs
  • Issues with getting necessary replacement parts

How much is downtime costing you? New customers almost always come to us with unplanned downtime due to maintenance issues, often because they don’t have the staff to perform routine – or even emergency – maintenance needed to keep lines running.

By developing a solid preventative maintenance program with a consistent schedule, you can significantly reduce these costs. Routine maintenance should include upgrading to high-quality parts or equipment when necessary, as well as regular cleaning and inspections to identify and address potential problems before they arise.

During your preventative maintenance for your hot melt equipment, remember to address the following components:

  • System temperatures
  • Hot melt tanks
  • Gun and tank filters
  • Pumps
  • Hot melt hoses
  • Guns and nozzles

APPLIED Adhesives factory trained service technicians keep complete ledgers of all our customers’ equipment information (product information, installation data, maintenance records, etc.) and properly record and track data so our customers can rest assured that their hot melt dispensing equipment preventative maintenance will be scheduled on time. 

Build a team of experienced and reliable technicians

Preventing costly downtime on your hot melt equipment requires experienced and reliable technicians who can respond quickly to maintenance requests and effectively troubleshoot equipment issues. 

Having difficulty hiring, training and retaining enough technicians to do the job? You’re not alone.

Partner with a service provider, such as APPLIED Adhesives. We offer a team of skilled, highly trained technicians with an in-depth knowledge of complete hot melt systems. These professionals can not only handle routine maintenance tasks, but also identify potential problems, minimizing the risk of major breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Efficiency checks are a great way to make sure systems reach their full potential. APPLIED Adhesives technicians use a Total Cost-In-Use approach to quantify hot melt adhesive costs per package and assess potential solutions to reduce a plant’s total spend, while enhancing overall quality and line efficiency. 

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Think outside the box

To further optimize hot melt equipment preventive maintenance and reduce costs, consider utilizing one of APPLIED Adhesives Vantage Service Plans. Our Vantage Service Plans provide your organization benefits including:

  • Prevent Costly Downtime – A regular maintenance schedule ensures your equipment receives the right adjustments and fine-tuning necessary to keep it running correctly.
  • Stop Scrambling for Parts – With discounts on APPLIED Adhesives’ inventory of OEM and in-house manufactured KEYSTONE brand parts, you have access to high quality, factory tested, compatible parts for all the top OEMs.
  • One Purchase Order – With coverage for a full year from our first visit, you can focus on your customers and production output instead of worrying about your budget.
  • Access to Expertise – APPLIED Adhesives factory trained, certified service technicians can instruct your employees on the safe operation and care of your equipment,helping to reduce downtime.

Decreasing – or banishing – the downtime associated with your hot melt equipment is critical to your success. By selecting the right equipment, implementing a preventative maintenance program, and partnering with a company that can provide experienced service technicians throughout the country, you can effectively reduce costs associated with unscheduled maintenance and optimize the performance of your hot melt equipment.

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