APPLIED Adhesives Testimonials

Fulfilling our customers’ exact needs has been our constant mission. We eliminate adhesive waste and improve process efficiencies through the use of innovative adhesive technologies, and our total cost-in-use approach. Our customer focus is why we are a leader in supplying high-performance industrial adhesives, dispensing equipment, and ensuring product availability with on-time delivery.

We asked our customers to leave honest reviews about our company and here is what they have to say.

Partner who Truly Cares

“Art – It has been a pleasure to work with you on the Packaging and Fugitive Glue projects recently. I am very impressed with the honesty, integrity and straightforward approach you take. It is refreshing to deal with a vendor who is genuine and truly cares about the relationship with the customer. On the Packaging project I wanted to use the hot melt adhesive with the best performance, least apt to char and cost was not a factor due to the limited consumption. On several occasions you mentioned that there were more glue options out there that we could use that would cost less and still provide good char resistance. It was really nice to see a vendor who is trying to save us money and still provide a quality product. I chose to stay with the high end glue until our usage goes up because we cannot afford to have a bad experience with hot melt glue like we did in the past. On the fugitive glue project you spent a lot of time and resources educating our company on the theory and application of fugitive glue in an effort to reduce our stretch wrap consumption. You knew that that the business potential was not huge since we were focusing on one line only but you still provided your services as though it was a huge business potential. That really showed me that you were truly out for our company’s best interest. It has been great working with you and I hope we can continue to work together and develop the professional relationship between our company & APPLIED Adhesives.

–  Director of Packaging Engineering, Large West Coast Food & Beverage Company

Exceptional Customer Experience

“I have never received better customer service from a packaging supplier, than we have enjoyed with Mike Rolando from APPLIED Adhesives. He came on site twice and helped us transition to a new glue that was both cheaper in cost and equal in performance. In addition APPLIED Adhesives also identified ways that we could optimize our glue system settings to reduce our usage of glue by 23%… We now have a lower cost per lb + we use less lbs! It has worked out great both ways!”

– Senior Plant Manager, Food Manufacturer

Value our Customers Deserve

“We have had the good fortune to work directly with Dave Carroll, Application Specialist at APPLIED Adhesives and could not ask for better support. They have reliably supplied us with consistent quality products to serve our needs at very competitive pricing for many years. His continued efforts to find more value through improved efficiencies and eliminate waste are much appreciated.”

– Strategic Sourcing Manager, Large Food Processor and Distributor

Knowledgeable and Experienced Professionals

“I have known Rodney Burnett for over 15 years and have been a loyal customer of his during that time. This is due to the fact that Rodney is very knowledgeable and experienced in the adhesive industry. He is a professional and has shown dependability, integrity, and consistency throughout our business relationship. Rodney would be a great source of products and information to any company looking to improve their adhesive program.”

–  General Manager, Architectural Manufacturer

Top Notch Sales Rep

“A full service bindery in the Twin Cities, Minnesota has worked with APPLIED Adhesives for many years.  Zak Germo is the best salesperson we have ever worked with.  He is easy to work with responsive and always on top of it.  I wish every sales rep was like him.”

– Chief Financial Officer, Graphic Arts

Excellent Technical Support

“Jeff, Nick, and Peter – We would like to thank you and the APPLIED Adhesives team for the excellent technical support provided in helping us with our recent packaging challenge. When faced with a substrate adhesion failure that occurred on a medical device package at our contract packaging partner, The APPLIED Adhesives team helped develop a quantitative approach to testing and the development of the studies needed to identify the root cause and recommend a solution.  Your output of cooperation allowed us to specify a more suitable adhesive for our packaging materials and the optimal parameters for its use on the production application.  We now have confidence that the packaging process with our partner is much more robust going forward.”

– Chief Operating Officer, Medical Device Manufacturer