Most maintenance personnel know that regular maintenance extends the life of your equipment and makes it function more consistently and longer. The same is true for hot-melt systems. In order for hot melt systems to continue to work properly, regular maintenance needs to be performed. Cleaning the tanks and flushing the system is an important part of this regular maintenance.

Industrial plants by their very nature have a number of contaminants in the air and on the floor. The hot melt pots heat adhesive for long periods of time and contaminants get in the adhesive. When hot melt adhesives sit in a glue pot for a long period of time, deterioration will occur, and char will form. Even in the best and cleanest plants the nature of how hot melt adhesive is used creates char within the hot melt tanks.

  • Is Char a problem in your hot melt pots?
  • Do you experience down time due to nozzle clogging or char?
  • Are you constantly having to replace nozzle and hoses.
  • When was the last time you cleaned your tank and lines?
  • When is the last time you ran Purge through your hot melt system?

PPS recommends periodic cleaning to maintain the integrity of the hot melt equipment and enable the hot melt to perform at it’s peak potential. SAF-T Purge 200 is a hot-melt purge liquid that attacks char, contaminants and discolored hot melt in your tank. It thoroughly cleans your system of char and gel, dissolves the charred adhesive, prevents clogged nozzles, and slows equipment failure. It is organic, solvent-free and a outstanding choice for cleaning your hot-melt equipment.

APPLIED Adhesives suggests:

  • Check filters and change them on a regular basis.
  • See our complete line of inline filters, quick-change filters and tank filters.
  • Purge and clean hot melt hoses and tanks on a quarterly basis with hot melt purge liquid (SAF-T Purge 200). Select Hoses from the PPS inventory.
  • Replace or clean nozzles on a regular basis. Select nozzles from the PPS inventory or soak with DISSOLV-X to clean and reuse.

Since charring is temperature related, new low temperature and heat stable hot melt adhesives can lower the rate of char. We suggest:

  • Low Temperature Hot Melt (Technomelt COOL 250A, Technomelt COOL 500)
  • Heat Stable Metallocene Based Products (SUPRA 106M)

SAF-T PURGE 200-Directions

  • Drain adhesive from system
  • Turn off pump pressure
  • Disconnect air from the system
  • Remove Hose from applicator head and put over pot to recirculate
  • Fill system with SAF-T Purge 200
  • Turn system on and re-pressurize
  • Heat purge material and pressurize pump at low pressure
  • Recirculate purge material into tank for approximately 30 minutes
  • Purge all material from tank and hose
  • Turn off system and depressurize
  • Install a new tank filter and new inline filter
  • Fill tank with hot melt and purge until clean hot melt appears