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Market SegmentsTape & Label

From freezer labels and pharmaceutical labels to construction tapes and road-marking tapes, APPLIED Adhesives’ ASURE® hot-melt technology is at the forefront of tape and label adhesive applications. Whether you need permanent, peelable, or repositionable pressure-sensitive characteristics, APPLIED is ready to help. We can make recommendations based on your end-use requirements that focus on effectiveness and production speeds—improving your entire production process. Contact us to discuss your current hot-melt adhesive needs or any special projects on the horizon. 

Whether you need tape adhesive or label adhesive, a variety of end-use requirements can be accommodated, including:

  • General purpose 
  • High tack/high sheer
  • Inventory control 
  • Low-temp/freezer-grade 
  • Insect trap UV resistant
  • Non-woven construction 
  • Direct food contact 
  • Repositionable