ProductsNOZZLE, PENCIL SH .012 .30MM

.012 30MM Pencil SH NozzleThe KNN8203 is a single-orifice short pencil brass nozzle with a stainless steel insert. The engagement length of the nozzle is .050. This nozzle fits Keystone KNH2CA and KNH44C modules and is compatible with Nordson® 276119, 1052925, 1052927 and 1048115 Modules.Compatible with Modules using Nordson® & Precision Saturn NozzlesIf your hot melt operation uses single-orifice pencil nozzles, it is inevitable that these parts will need to be replaced over time. If you’re tired of paying OEM prices for your parts, contact Keystone Industries®. Our quality is comparable to OEM, our service is friendly and knowledgeable, and our prices can save you thousands every year on your hot melt equipment. Order online, by phone, or via email today!