Hot Melt Nozzle Cleaning Kit The KNCK10-N is a hot melt nozzle cleaning kit that is used to probe contaminants from hot melt nozzles.  As experienced production managers know, it is unsafe to use a torch on nozzles, and it could also damage the nozzle and surrounding parts. We recommend this kit as a way to safely remove clogs from a nozzle.  Make sure you are cleaning the nozzle while it is hot.  Keeping your hot melt nozzles free of char and containments is essential to a smooth running production line. Buy Hot Melt Nozzle Cleaning Kit from Keystone Industries® This kit contains one pin vise and 3 packs of probes. Each pack contains 10 individual probes. This kit features probes in sizes .007, .012 and .014.  If you prefer, you may order different sizes probes individually at $15 per pack (10 probes in each pack).