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10ft 230V RTD Washdown Hose Equivalent to Nordson® 276743Keystone Industries® is your source for washdown hoses for automatic applicator heads that need to resist contact with moisture. We engineered this hose for multiple types of hot melt systems, so you can continue using your existing unit efficiently. The KNHAW1023 is an aftermarket equivalent to Nordson® 276743, Valco Melton®780XX020,  and ITW Dynatec®104145.The hose gun connector is round with threads to provide extra protection against water entry.  Also, for extra protection, the hose exterior is made of a durable water resistant rubber material. It’s recommended for washdown and wet environments. Our washdown hose offers high thermal and flow efficiency for your application.Buy 10ft 230V RTD Washdown Hose From Keystone Industries®The KNHAW1023 fits Keystone K-Series melters and Nordson® 2300, 3000, ProBlue® and DuraBlue™ melters. In addition, this washdown automatic 240V RTD controlled hose is compatible with ITW® Quattro® and Dynapack™ melters and all Valco Melton® melters. In order for this hose to fit your current applicator, your applicator must also be washdown with the round connector.  If your applicator has the rectangular connector and you would like to switch to washdown, we can help with a simple cordset swap.  Ask us today about how easy it is to change over to washdown.  Many premature failures in washdown environments are due to using standard hoses and applicators instead of the washdown style.We are dedicated to providing the best performance with aftermarket hot melt parts at a price that makes sense for your budget. Quality is assured with every order of Keystone Industries® hose. View Keystone’s warranty on the Related Files tab.Learn more about the 10ft 230V RTD-controlled washdown hose by calling 800-235-8090 or