5-Pack Replacement 50M Mesh Filter Cartridges Comparable to Nordson® 1007372With replacement cartridges for inline filter fittings between the applicator and the hose, all it takes is turning off the system pressure and a simply unscrewing the cartridge to change. The adhesive runs through the filter to collect char and other contaminants that would otherwise clog your nozzles. Filter changes do not require separating the hose and gun, reducing chances for stripping fitting threads.We offer 50 Mesh filter cartridges for Keystone Quick Change inline filter fittings KQCF455, KQCF905 and KQCF005. The cartridges will also fit within OEM Nordson® fittings 1007233, 1007230 and 1007033 which are straight, 45 degree and 90 degree angles for your specific set up.Buy Replacement 50M Filter Cartridges From Keystone Industries®At Keystone Industries®, we engineer parts that meet and exceed OEM standards and make them more affordable for your budget. When you need hot melt parts, count on our team to deliver in your NeedTimesm