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ASURE® SAF-T Purge 200 is a non hazardous, organic, non toxic, hot melt purge liquid that attacks the charred contaminants and hot melt in your tank. It thoroughly cleans your system of char and gel, dissolves the charred adhesive, prevents clogged nozzles, and slows equipment failure. It is organic, solvent-free and an outstanding choice for cleaning your hot-melt equipment. Regular cleaning of your hot-melt equipment with ASURE® SAF-T Purge 200 will add years to the life of your hot-melt equipment, hoses, modules and heads.

Application: Cleaning agent for EVA, Polyolefin, acrylic, and rubber base adhesives.

Directions for use of ASURE® SAF-T Purge 200:
Stir ASURE® SAF-T Purge 200 well before using

  1. Drain system of all hot melt adhesive.
  2. Turn pump on and circulate for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  3. Drain compound from the system completely and discard material.
  4. Add hot-melt adhesive and discard the first few minutes