Just imagine if you could find a cleaner that had it all– a great degreaser, a wonderful cleaner on a variety of substrates, a non-solvent, a nice aroma, and a rating that makes it safe for use with food products. That is exactly what you get with the Melt-O-Clean. It is a citrus-based organic cleaner that replaces solvents.

In today’s industry the natural properties and benefits of Melt-O-Clean have come shining through with the spotlight getting brighter on harmful solvents. The natural cleaning properties of Melt-O-Clean were recognized many years ago but it wasn’t until the 1960’s that these type cleaners began to play a bigger role in business & industry.

Uses for Melt-O-Clean!

  • Remove char from equipment and parts
  • Wipe down equipment and remove grease and contaminants
  • Clean adhesive and grease off conveyor belts
  • It is a great grease trap maintainer
  • Clean concrete floors
  • Industrial hand cleaner
  • Parts Washer, dip baths, and parts cleaning
  • Wash Rollers and cleaning contaminants
  • Removing markers, graffiti, inks, paints, and crayons
  • Remove tape and tape residue such as bumper stickers
  • Remove chewing gum tar, asphalt, and scuff marks

Over the last few years there has been a blight on the citrus crops that continues and has caused the raw materials for Melt-O-Clean to be in short supply and go up in price. However Melt-O-Clean is still absolutely the very best performing and most versatile and safe product available. We look forward to showing you the many benefits of this amazing product.