Clean your equipment the right way with MELT-O-CLEAN, the powerful organic citrus cleaner and degreaser. MELT-O-CLEAN is formulated to cut through adhesives and grease to remove them quickly and easily from your equipment. Keeping machines clean is an important step to maintaining production goals and reducing downtime. We developed MELT-O-CLEAN to make that tough adhesive and char build up… well, not so tough.

MELT-O-CLEAN is a versatile multi-purpose organic citrus cleaner and degreaser for your toughest cleaning jobs. It is a biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner and degreaser with many uses in your production facility. It is formulated to cut through hot-melt adhesive, grease, and ink and lift it out for easy removal.

MELT-O-CLEAN is the best and most versatile cleaner and degreaser available, which is widely used for cleaning hot-melt from bottle labeling equipment and removing char and deposits from hot-melt parts. In addition, MELT-O-CLEAN removes grease, paint, adhesive tape, and ink from most surfaces.

MELT-O-CLEAN is used at room temperature. This non-hazardous, cold cleaning agent replaces other harmful cleaners and helps provides a safer environment and work place for employees.

MELT-O-CLEAN is an environmentally safe alternative to solvents and hazardous chemicals. It is classified by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) for indirect contact with food.

As with all cleaners, gloves should be worn to protect against skin dryness and irritation.

Applications for MELT-O-CLEAN:

  • MELT-O-CLEAN is the best product available for cleaning Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) off vacuum drums and other surfaces on bottle labeling equipment.
  • MELT-O-CLEAN can be used for cleaning machine surfaces, hot-melt units, conveyor belts and rollers, to remove residual adhesive, and heavy grease and grime.
  • Soak your hot-melt nozzles in MELT-O-CLEAN for added life and cost savings.
  • Char caused by overheated hot-melt can be removed with MELT-O-CLEAN. It is very effective at removing char without heating.
  • Use MELT-O-CLEAN to clean greasy floors and tire marks on loading docks.
  • MELT-O-CLEAN reduces rust on metal surfaces and cleans stainless steel.