Just imagine if you could find an adhesive cleaner that had it all– a great degreaser, a wonderful cleaner on a variety of substrates, a non-solvent, a nice aroma, and a rating that makes it safe for use with food products. That is exactly what you get with the Melt-O-Clean adhesive cleaner.

We all know that Melt-O-Clean is a citrus-based organic cleaner that replaces solvents. We know it does a great job cleaning char and hot-melt off equipment and parts. We also know that new uses for Melt-O-Clean are being found every day.

With the above in mind we decided to poll a number of our customers that use Melt-O-Clean and list some of the uses they have for it. The responses we received were overwhelming.

We have put the list below together from the responses of our customers to show some of the ways they use Melt-O-Clean.

APPLIED Adhesives Customers Uses of Melt-O-Clean Adhesive Cleaner:

  • Removes char from equipment and parts
  • Wipe down equipment and remove grease and contaminants
  • Cleans adhesive and grease off conveyor belts
  • It is a great grease trap maintainer
  • It cleans concrete floors and is a really good carpet cleaner
  • It is an industrial hand cleaner
  • For use in Parts Washer, dip baths, and parts cleaning
  • For washing Rollers and cleaning contaminants
  • General Cleaning
  • Removing markers, graffiti, inks, paints, and crayons
  • Removes tape, labels, and tape residue such as bumper stickers
  • Removes chewing gum tar, asphalt, and scuff marks

Melt-O-Clean is absolutely the very best performing and most versatile environmentally safe adhesive cleaning product available. We look forward to showing you the many benefits of this amazing product.

Samples are available upon request.