Would you drive your truck 100,000 miles without changing the oil?
Do you ride a bike without checking tire pressures?
Do you ignore the engine light when it comes on in your car?
The simple answer is: No you don’t do these things.

You want to get as much trouble free use out of your investment as possible, and you know preventative maintenance is necessary to keep equipment running properly at maximum performance.

Then why do you ignore work that needs to be done on your hot melt units? When hot melt units are maintained properly, kept clean, and serviced on a regular basis, they last much longer and there is a huge reduction in costly parts, downtime and re-work.

Simple preventative maintenance procedures will help ensure your hot melt units operate at maximum performance. APPLIED Adhesives has proven products to ensure long lasting life for your valuable hot-melt equipment.

Set up a routine preventative maintenance program for your hot melt equipment and add these steps to your Preventative Maintenance Schedule.

  1. Clean your hot-melt tank with Saf-T Purge 200. This is simply the best Purge available. Set up periodic purge cleaning of your hot melt tanks and hoses. It doesn’t take much time and the result is much better performance and greatly extended pump and hose life.
  2. Change your tank and inline filters frequently – This will help keep your adhesive guns free flowing, and your adhesive application consistent. See our complete line of inline filters, quick-change, and tank filters.
  3. Inspect hoses for frayed covering and damaged electrical cord sets. Hoses should not drag on the floor or be coiled up.

These measures will extend the life of your equipment and give many years of dependable, and trouble free use.

Saf-T Purge 200 Directions:

  • Draining adhesive at operating temperature from system
  • Wipe out visible debris with rag or paper towel
  • Turn off pump pressure
  • Disconnect the air from the tank
  • Remove hot melt hose from gun and position over pot to recirculate
  • Fill system with Saf-T Purge 200
  • Turn system on and re-pressurize
  • Heat purge material and pressurize pump at low pressure
  • Recirculate purge material into tank for approximately 30 minutes
  • Purge all material from tank and hose
  • Turn off system and depressurize
  • Install a new tank filter and new inline filter
  • Fill tank with hot melt and purge until clean hot melt appears