Compounder (Sacramento, CA)

Reports To: Production Manager

Department: Operations


Responsible for weighing, dispensing, and mixing various raw materials and compounds per the respective production formulation; and packaging the finished product.


Perform production duties to ensure customer satisfaction and inventory accuracy throughout the order fulfillment process.

Essential Duties, Responsibilities, and Expectations:

  1. Adheres to the production schedule and follows formulation instructions.
    Expectations:   Reads the production schedule at the start and end of every shift to plan for the current and following work day. Weighing up Raw Materials per each specific batch ticket to the specified units and accuracy; and recording Lot #’s, quantities, and locations of raw materials. Follows formulation instructions by ensuring process conditions are satisfied such as tank type, temperature, and time mixing.
  2. Ensure product quality falls within established specifications.
    Expectations:  Check product quality, such as viscosity, solids & pH, according to instructions to ensure product falls within specifications. Adjust formulation parameters and retest as needed until product is acceptable.
  3. Follow the sites safety and environmental policies.
    Expectations:  Appropriate PPE worn in production areas and when handling hazardous equipment. Follows safe work practices. Immediately report incidents, near misses and unsafe work conditions.  Assist with routine inspections of equipment and facilities. Maintain cleanliness and organization of facilities and equipment.
  4. Commitment to continuous development of skill set and knowledge base as it relates to the job function.
    Expectation:  Desire to participate in personal and professional growth opportunities such as cross training.
  5. Perform various other warehouse/shipping/receiving/maintenance duties as needed.
    Expectation:  Requests will be completed as agreed upon.


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