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Continuing and Expanding the AST Legacy

For more than 30 years, AST has provided contractors with custom metering and dispensing solutions.

Now part of APPLIED Adhesives, this legacy will continue and expand—delivering reliable, cost-effective, and highly efficient mixing and dosing systems.

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Simple, Rugged, and Reliable

APPLIED Adhesives Equipment Solutions designs and manufactures meter, mix, and dispensing systems for adhesives and sealants. Engineered and developed for the industrial and construction markets, we’re proud to carry on Adhesive Systems Technology’s (AST) commitment to solving the dispensing and automation needs of our customers through innovation and new product development.

Quality and performance standards are at the heart of everything we do and develop, and we’re proud to supply our customers with reliable, cost-effective, highly efficient, mixing and dosing systems.

Mixing and Dosing Systems Product Information

For more information about specific equipment, download the product sheets or contact your APPLIED Adhesives representative.

GMP 025 'Lil Pro AST I APPLIED Adhesives

GMP 025 ‘Lil Pro

GMP 050 Spray AST I APPLIED Adhesives

GMP 050 Spray

PCV SP Smart Pump AST I APPLIED Adhesives

PCV SP Smart Pump

RMP624 Brute AST I APPLIED Adhesives

RMP624 Brute