Customers’ say they are “Tired of constantly buying replacement hot-melt nozzles”. We say, “APPLIED Adhesives has the answer-replace or install hot-melt filters”. Replacement hot-melt filters for your hot-melt application equipment are the first line of defense against clogged nozzles. APPLIED Adhesives offer a variety of hot-melt replacement filters that prevent contaminates from reaching the hot-melt nozzles and affecting bond performance. Quick Change hot-melt filters, In-Line hot-melt Filters and hot-melt Manifold Filter Assembly will greatly reduce the cost and maintenance downtime associated with clogged hot-melt nozzles.

Quick Change Filter

  • Replaces Nordson Saturn Filter
  • Reduces clogged hot-melt nozzles and associated downtime
  • Easy access and simplifies hot-melt filter maintenance
  • No need to disconnect hot-melt hose to replace disposable hot-melt filter
  • Quick Change hot-melt Filter can be positioned for easy access to disposable hot-melt filter
  • Quick change hot-melt filters are available in straight, 45 degree, 90 degree configurations
  • Various filter mesh is available

In-Line Filter

  • Replaces Nordson In-Line Filter Reduces clogged nozzles and associated downtime
  • Available in straight, 45 degree, 90 degree configurations
    Various filter mesh available

Manifold Filter Assembly

  • Replaces Nordson manifold filter for ProBlue and DuraBlue hot-melt units
  • This filter removes contamination and char from tank which will affect system performance
  • Unique design allows filter screen to be easily replaced without purchasing new filter assembly

Dirty, clogged tank manifold and line filters effect hot-melt application and create costly downtime and replacement parts cost; from nozzles to modules to hoses, all the way back to your hot-melt unit. Check your system filters now to avoid costly hot-melt equipment failures in the future.