ProductsHEAD, H201T 240V SPRAY RTD NG

If your hot melt components fail during a job, you’ll have to shut down production. How much will those lost hours cost you? Make sure you have the replacement parts you need to make repairs right away! Our H201T 240V RTD Spray Pad with Air Manifold is compatible with a number of Nordson® applicators, including the Nordson® 2300/3000/ProBlue® and DuraBlue™.   The H201T is a single-spray module applicator head with unheated air. It uses discs and unibody nozzles with the  KRNS100 retaining nut, as well as the KNH2CS PAD module.   The KNG0991A01 is considered to be an aftermarket equivalent of the following parts: 100991